The Original AquaBud
The Original AquaBud
The Original AquaBud
The Original AquaBud

The Original AquaBud

The AquaBud Pte Ltd

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✅ No more having to sit up / get out of bed to drink water
✅ No more needing to call someone to get water for you
✅ No more spilling dusty water glasses on your nightstand
✅ No more reclining the hospital bed up/down to drink water
✅ Stop looking for water in the middle of the night
✅ Quench thirst in bed in seconds when you can barely move


  • Pregnant women for their hospital checklist
  • Sick friends & family that can't get out of bed
  • People who dislike getting out of bed to get water
  • Dehydrated college students after a big night
  • Kids who don't drink enough water / need a more fun way
  • Parents who like having hydration stations in their house

Included with your AquaBud:

  • 1 x Original AquaBud food grade silicone seal
  • 1 x 1 meter food grade silicone tubing (your straw)
  • 1 x food grade silicone drinking straw tip
  • 1 x alligator lapel clip (can use to clip to textiles)
  • 1 x permanent straw placement holder w/adhesive
  • 1 x mesh travel pouch
  • Please note: water bottle(s) shown in product images not included
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