Drink water effortlessly in seconds while lying down without having to sit up, get out of bed or call a nurse/family member to help you


Assist children to hydrate easily not only while sick in bed, but also when they need fluids most; while on THE GO


Wrap AquaBud to any bottle with a 25mm-sized spout to ensure quick and effortless hydration anywhere, at anytime


Well you would have thought modern hospitals by now would have modern ways of hydrating more easily when you are giving birth -- basically one of the biggest moments of your life! Our hospital (which was a upper tier hospital!) was still using crappy plastic solo cups that I couldn't reach at all on the rolling night stand. Ryan's innovation is so simple but such a game changer when you are exhausted and just need water a few inches away. Thank you for inventing this! Every woman should have this in their preggers hospital bag! Cheers, Pri

-Priyanka (SE ASIA)

Got COVID twice over the whole shit show and the 2nd time -- best way I can explain it was like razorblades wrapped with sandpaper that my throat was trying to swallow. This thing was a life saver -- could barely move in bed and was just hamstering off of the drinking spout that I velcro'd to my headboard. Who would have thought such a simple problem would have such a simple solution to it. Good on ya AquaBud! Making us purpose driven consumers proud lah! Thanks for helping me recover and getting through a super rough time bro --1 love & thx bro!

-Benjamin in LA

So a couple of things here that I want to address -- #1 is that this thing is genius for when you are on the go with a toddler and forgot his/her water bottle & then need to buy bottled water. Unless your child is a WIZARD they don't have the dexterity at age 2-5 to rescrew back on the cap! This thing not only fixes that problem but reduces spillage in Jeremy's SUV, makes it way more fun to hydrate on the go. But also we bought some original ones because our cats were constantly knocking down our water glasses on our nightstands! haha - Thx so much, such a genius idea with many applications. C

-Casey in NYC