Tips For Using Your Aquabud!

  • When configuring/affixing your velcro pad or alligator clip, make sure the position of the pad/clip is HIGHER than the position of the water bottle you are connected to. This will avoid syphon-type water running.
  • Wash your AquaBud ever 1-2 weeks with hot soapy water
  • AquaBud is made of food grade silicone which in the long run can build up calcium deposits inside of the tubing. To remove deposits, simply soak the tubing in a bowl of household white vinegar for 30 minutes, followed by a hot water rinse
  • When refilling your bottle of water, the process is the most easy when you leave the AquaBud sealed to the spout and simply unscrew the top of the bottle (you would need a bottle similar to the one shown in the above video!) 
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